Aug 22, 2009

Kjartan Sveinsson - Síðasti bærinn (The Last Farm) Score and Film

Artist: Kjartan Sveinsson
Album: Síðasti bærinn (The Last Farm) Score
Genre: modern classical
Year: not sure
Web: buy,
Bitrate~Size: vbr ~161 | 9

Kjartan Sveinsson, the keyboard player from Sigur Ros scored this beautiful music for the short Icelandic film entitled ‘Síðasti bærinn’ or ‘The Farm’ back in 2005. It was nominated for an Academy Award. As its just been anounced that Kjarten will be scoring music for the new film Ondine.

Kjarri does this beautiful, amazing, must-have score for this short film, if you're not moved by this you're pretty much dead, but no seriously. too bad it passes so fast <3 br="">
The Last Farm short film download

*re-up Feb. 2013

1 Síðasti bærinn 1:39
2 Síðasti bærinn 2 1:44
3 Síðasti bærinn 3 1:15
4 Síðasti bærinn 4 1:16
5 Síðasti bærinn 5 2:39


Sam said...

Ahh! I've been looking for this forever! Thanks again for your wonderful services~

Anonymous said...

So nice indeed...thanks !

Jorge.Espinoza said...

very emotive!! this album is a jewel

Ashenica said...

I love this album.Ty.

Anonymous said...

am i missing something? two commenters write they love the album -- but the download is the short movie, not just the music. did you all manage to rip the music out of the avi-file??

veror said...

No, no rip at all.
I'm offering the music (click the cover) AND the short film. enjoy it.