Jun 1, 2015

Slowdive live



mp3 When the Sun Hits + Golden Hair (V0) from those vids.

Apr 2, 2015

Nyctalgia - Time Changed Everything EP


Artist: Nyctalgia
Album: Time Changed Everything Ep
Genre: modern classical, post-rock, ambient, piano
Year: 2009
Label: ParaLucid
Web: buy, last.fm, archive.org, facebook, soundlcloud
Bitrate~Size: 192 | 52

There’s not much to tell about me. I’m an amateur musician and write songs by myself. For me, music is the best way to express what I never was or will be able to tell in words. I never defined for me, what kind of music I want to do, I just look what comes out when I’m doing a new song.
So there could be some very strange or experimental things… When I’ve got enough songs, that I personally really like , I will release a CD or something like that…But I will see… When I find the right people, I will arrange a liveband to perform this music on concerts or wherever…If there somewhen would/will be some possibilities to perform at all… I hope you enjoy it… The Backgroundpicture was made by “Annadriel”! 

use my link (MF) or find it on archive, highly recommended!.

1 Nyctalgia 6:29
2 Time Changed Everything 3:42
3 Remains of a blue rose 3:58
4 Mira... 5:41
5 Falling into nothingness 6:29 

Jan 27, 2015

Thom Yorke / Jonny Greenwood - Electric Lady Studios (Acoustic)


Artist: Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood
Album: Electric Lady Studios (Acoustic)

Year: 2003

Bitrate~Size: 320 | 99

1 I might be wrong 4:54
2 Sail to the moon 5:13
3 Go to sleep (false start, thom breaks string) 0:55
4 Go to sleep 3:35
5 A punch up at the wedding 6:10
6 No surprises (false start) 0:56
7 No surprises 4:45
8 I will 2:40
9 There there 5:18
10 Everything in its right place 4:22
11 Karma police 4:32