Nov 8, 2014

Mogwai (full concert) - Live @ Pitchfork Music Festival Paris

Mogwai (full concert) - Live @ Pitchfork Music... by culturebox

excellent show, as always, my adored 'Travel Is Dangerous' is included (11:52) and it seems they played a new song, enjoy it while you can..

Nov 1, 2014

Kwoon - Swan (video)

Ok this is the new Kwoon video, I'm having problems to watch it complete, don't know why.. I'll try later, maybe works fine for some of you.

Oct 2, 2014

Jakob - Blind Them With Science (video)

The official video for Blind Them With Science (opening track) from Jakob's new album 'Sines' out this October.

Sep 10, 2014

Sandy Lavallart (Kwoon singer) video

check this out!

Megalo Meloman from Stéphane Berla on Vimeo.

Hey everyone.
Here is a new crazy apocalyptico megalo Videoclip with a veeerry special Kwoon style.

Music : Sandy Lavallart (Kwoon singer)
Director : Stephane Berla ("Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart" director)

Welcome to Megalomania Planet !

Enjoy the trip

Jul 26, 2014

Kwoon - Swan video (teaser) / Lila OST



Kwoon composed the Original Soundtrack of "Lila", shortfilm directed by Carlos Lascano.
The full tracks are now available on soundcloud

Unique band I adore.

Jun 18, 2014

Jun 7, 2014

Maria Taylor - Xanax (live)

Maria Taylor - Xanax

Apr 4, 2014

Mar 9, 2014

Australasia - Twin Peaks


Artist: Australasia
Genre: post-rock, ambient
Year: 2014

Web: bandcamp, soundcloud,
Bitrate~Size: 320 | 10
Other posts: Sin4tr4

Australasia recorded a cover version of Angelo Badalamenti's timeless theme for “Twin Peaks”.
It is a homage to an immortal and influent composer but also a way to share a precious childhood memory.
In 1990 “Twin Peaks”  appeared on italian TV, frightening and attracting people with the mysterious aura surrounding its images.
But what really made it stand out was the gloomy atmosphere of its otherworldly and ethereal soundtrack.
That soundtrack is where Australasia comes from and is meant to be a way to show where the project is headed.

very good, check out that beautiful video below.

1 Twin Peaks Theme 4:20