May 24, 2015

The Russian Futurists - The Method of Modern Love


Artist: The Russian Futurists
Album: The Method of Modern Love
Genre: indie pop
Year: 2000
Label: Upper Class Recordings
Web: buy,,
Bitrate~Size: 192 | 49
The Russian Futurists are a Canadian indie pop band based in Toronto. Their music can be described as lo-fi, indie-electronica fused with a twee-pop temperament. Although they initially had only one member, Matthew Adam Hart (born 1978), the band was later enlarged for live performances.
1 Your Big Brown Eyes and My Big Broke Heart 3:55
2 Science of the Seasons 3:22
3 Red Red Wine 3:47
4 Pine Prisonyard 4:12
5 C'mon 2:41
6 Mind's Dying Verse (The Solitary Stone) 3:39
7 Karkarodon Karkarius 4:46
8 Hall of Fame of Things I Despise 2:10
9 Song for Sports 3:03
10 Mind's Dying Verse (You and the Wine) 4:33

May 19, 2015

Paniyolo - I'm Home'mH.rar

Artist: Paniyolo
Album: I'm Home
Genre: folktronica, ambient
Year: 2009
Label: Schole
Web: buy > label,,
Bitrate~Size: V2 (~166) | 65

1 Storage 3:17
2 Green&cloud 5:41
3 Rain 3:38
4 Sheep 2:31
5 Reverie 5:54
6 Onigocco 5:04
7 Sunday 3:21
8 Snow Country 4:10
9 Life 5:13
10 Room 4:18
11 OKAERI 4:06
12 ... 2:33
13 Daily 5:23

May 12, 2015

Metric - The Shade (video)

or here

single from upcoming new album

May 9, 2015

Silencio - When I’m Gone

Artist: Silencio
Album: When I’m Gone
Genre: ambient
Year: 2012
Label: Three:Four Records
Web: buy > go to label,,
Bitrate~Size: 320 | 91

I'm not using ifolder anymore, back to mediafire from now on, ifolder went to shit, if you need an album previously uploaded there just send me an email and will do it on MF.

The first drafts for When I’m Gone date back to the year 2005. It took them almost 6 years to finalize the record and 7 years to publish it. Meanwhile, Silencio didn’t waste their time; they released multiple records and each member of the band was active in side-projects. The question is, why it took them so long to complete those eight tracks? The key composer Julien Demoulin says this period helped them get the sound they had in mind for this new Silencio record. For that matter, they went through the process of composing, testing, but then stopped thinking about those songs to be able to get back into it months later, leaving some material behind and making room for new ideas.

1 Awareness 2:00
2 Gone 4:14
3 Down With The Ship 4:50
4 The Easy Way Out 3:10
5 Clouding 4:42
6 Wasted Youth (Pt I, II & III) 11:04
7 Taking Time 4:34
8 Home 5:09

May 7, 2015

Aver - Nadir



Artist: Aver
Album: Nadir
Genre: psychedelic rock, stoner
Year: 2015
Label: self released
Web: buy, youtube, facebook
Bitrate~Size: your choice/stream/buy

good stuff.

1 The Devil's Medicine 09:41
2 Nest 06:45
3 Rising Sun 08:56
4 White Lies 07:49
5 Setting Sun 04:05
6 Caduceus 05:44
7 Promised Lands 08:03
8 Waves 09:47

May 1, 2015

Roberto Cacciapaglia - Canone Degli Spazi

Artist: Roberto Cacciapaglia
Album: Canone Degli Spazi
Genre: modern classical, piano
Year: 2009
Label: Universal
Web: buy,,
Bitrate~Size: V2 (~177) | 57

Roberto Cacciapaglia was born in Milan, Italy. He received his degree in music composition from the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, under the direction of Bruno Bettinelli. While at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi he also studied orchestra direction and electronic music. He also has worked for the Department of Phonology at RAI (Italy’s national television station) in Milan and has collaborated with the CNR (National Research Council) of Pisa, where he studied computer applications in the field of music.

Cacciapaglia is a prominent figure on the more innovative Italian music scene and a point of reference in Italy and abroad, for his musical research between classical and experimental electronic and direction towards music without borders that goes beyond divisions.

For some time, he was involved in studying sacred music and dance, and for a number of years he has conducted a research effort that studies the powers of sound. His music draws inspiration from these experiences and passes through emotions rather than through traditional rules and structure.

(MF link)

1 Universal Dance 3:18
2 Canone Degli Spazi 4:12
3 Fiamme 4:25
4 Sillaba 3:37
5 Michael 3:35
6 Lux III 3:38
7 Arcobaleno 3:43
8 Meraviglia 3:50
9 Atlantis' Garden 3:14
10 Wild Side 3:52
11 Triade 2:17
12 Sigillo 5:40

Apr 30, 2015

Christerk - Delfin



Artist: Christerk
Album: Delfin
Genre: downtempo, chill out
Year: 2015
Web: soundcloud
Bitrate~Size: stream

Delfin 4:31

Apr 26, 2015

Unwed Sailor - Little Wars

Artist: Unwed Sailor
Album: Little Wars
Genre: post-rock
Year: 2008
Label: Bunrt Toast Vinyl
Web: buy,, facebook
Bitrate~Size: V2 (~207) | 62 

Born in Seattle, Washington in 1998 at the tender age of intent, Unwed Sailor is helmed by Oklahoma-born songwriter Johnathon Ford. The basis for the instrumental project came into being while Ford was still writing with Seattle luminaries Roadside Monument. Pulling towards a bass guitar-oriented sound, the songs he had begun to craft did not fully feel right for Roadside Monument, thus the unbeknownst predestined forming of Unwed Sailor. Not aiming for Unwed Sailor to fall into the regular confines of a typical band, Ford’s ever evolving cast and crew has been tirelessly composed over the years of good friends and company.

1 Copper Islands 2:56
2 Little Wars 4:26
3 The Garden 4:57
4 Aurora 2:57
5 Campanile 6:36
6 Echo Roads 3:45
7 Nauvoo 7:43
8 Lonely Bulls 4:50
9 Numeral 3:56

Apr 25, 2015

Fiktion - Forma


Artist: Fiktion
Album: Forma
Genre: piano
Year: 2015
Label: Jämmerdosa
Web: buy, official, stream

"I wanted to do something spontaneous and immediate, with just piano and vocals", Gustaf Lundh (Fiktion) explains. "For the last two years, old liturgical music has been a great inspiration for me. Silence has become a more important element in my work."
There is a beautiful simplicity to Forma, where Fiktion's introverted side is channeled through accessible melodies."Särskilja" sets the tone with a meditation in Swedish on independence and belonging. "BWV 934" is a unique interpretation of Bach, with a touch of impressionism and a thoughtful hesitance absent from traditional interpretations. Title track "Forma" starts with a droning piano and features a poem sung in latin, but in the end its solemnity is relieved by rippling ornaments. "Rum 212", finally, is an interpretation of a song
by Swedish band Sällskapet, with a melody evocative of Swedish folk music.

In these four songs, you’ll find solemnity, tranquility, self-reflection and hope.

1 Särskilja     2:31
2 BWV 934  2:28
3 Forma        2:57
4 Rum 212    4:33

Dead Melodies - Slowwave Perception EP


Artist: Dead Melodies
Album: Slowwave Perception Ep
Genre: mix of ambient post-rock and downtempo electronica
Year: 2015

Web: buy,, facebook, soundcloud
Bitrate~Size: your choice

 Dead Melodies is the ambient post-rock meets downtempo electronica project of UK based Tom Moore. Fusing involved ambient textures with atmospheric drones, twisted guitars and unusual rhythms, Moore’s sound is created using a combination of manipulated guitars, spectral and granular synths with highly programmed vocal samples and field recordings.  His debut EP, Slowwave Perception intends to capture that unhinged semi-dreamlike yet daunting feeling of sleep deprivation; with contrasting reassuring waves and the suggestion that something dark lurks within. Featuring vocal contributions from regular collaborators;
wildsilences, New Dinosaur Extinction and, the EP is released in April 2015.

1 Sycamore Rains 6:26
2 Slowwave Perception 4:47
3 Radars & Stars 4:31
4 Laze 5:26

Apr 20, 2015

Juan Stewart - Oui!!.rar

Artist: Juan Stewart
Album: Oui!
Genre: Indie Pop, Psychedelic Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Space Rock, Folk
Year: 2007
Label: Estamos Felices
Web: buy, 
Bitrate~Size:  192 | 71


1 Sale 9:48
2 Domaj 4:18
3 Noviembre 4:07
4 Madrigal 3:21
5 Giovanni el vaquero 1:49
6 Bananas verdes 6:28
7 El astrónomo 5:12
8 Si no hay bulla no hay futbolin 9:17
9 Adela 7:47

Apr 17, 2015

Palmer Generator - Shapes


Artist: Palmer Generator
Album: Shapes
Genre: mix of post-rock/metal/instrumental, psych and stoner, full of wall of sound and other shoegaze
influences, with oriental and tribal tendencies

Year: 2014
Label: Red Sound Records
Web: buy,, soundcloud, facebook
Bitrate~Size: V0  (~287) | 104

an italian band, the curious thing is that they’re a family: the father at the bass, the son behind the drums and the uncle at the guitar.

1 Eikasia 12:13
2 Pistis 10:21
3 ||| 5:07
4 Dianoia 13:19
5 Noesis 9:48

Apr 12, 2015

Maquinas - Maquinas


Artist: Maquinas
Album: Maquinas
Genre: shoegaze/noise rock
Year: 2015
Web: buy,, facebook
Bitrate~Size: your choice

1 Mofo 7:10
2 Theresa 7:01
3 Elevador 10:50

Apr 2, 2015

Nyctalgia - Time Changed Everything EP

Artist: Nyctalgia
Album: Time Changed Everything Ep
Genre: modern classical, post-rock, ambient, piano
Year: 2009
Label: ParaLucid
Web: buy,,, facebook, soundlcloud
Bitrate~Size: 192 | 52

There’s not much to tell about me. I’m an amateur musician and write songs by myself. For me, music is the best way to express what I never was or will be able to tell in words. I never defined for me, what kind of music I want to do, I just look what comes out when I’m doing a new song.
So there could be some very strange or experimental things… When I’ve got enough songs, that I personally really like , I will release a CD or something like that…But I will see… When I find the right people, I will arrange a liveband to perform this music on concerts or wherever…If there somewhen would/will be some possibilities to perform at all… I hope you enjoy it… The Backgroundpicture was made by “Annadriel”! 

use my link (MF) or find it on archive, highly recommended!.

1 Nyctalgia 6:29
2 Time Changed Everything 3:42
3 Remains of a blue rose 3:58
4 Mira... 5:41
5 Falling into nothingness 6:29 

Mar 26, 2015

Astralia - Atlas

Artist: Astralia
Album: Atlas
Genre: post-rock, ambient
Year: 2014
Label: Aloud Music
Web: buy,, bandcamp (your choice), myspace, soundcloud
Bitrate~Size: V0 (~260) | 99

Segundo trabajo de Astralia, trío de La Floresta, Barcelona. Definido por los expertos como rock ambiental, "Atlas" es un disco instrumental de belleza infinita que pone a prueba tus sentidos. Auna densidad e intensidad a partes iguales, apoyado en un trabajo musical y de producción excelente. Una sorpresa en toda regla.

1 You Are Here 7:04
2 Io 9:13
3 Atlas 5:03
4 Oceanic 7:45
5 Mekto 6:05
6 Inner Earth 2:55
7 Heading Home 7:16
8 Sans Soleil 7:57

Mar 21, 2015

Yanos - Omega


Artist: Yanos
Album: Omega
Genre: post-metal, post-hardcore, sludge
Year: 2015

Web: buy,, facebook, instagram
Bitrate~Size: your choice

AMBER are Dead. Long live YANOS from Marburg, Germany.
The new Band of the survivors of Amber play the same intense, dark, Postmetalhardcore, they used to but with more experience, darker Voices and more melodies. Still in the vein of Bands like AMENRA, LIGHT BEARER, CULT OF LUNA and ISIS.

fantastic release, this is a very promising band and clearly one of the best stuff sent to me lately, enjoy it.

*edit: seriously, if you're into post-metal, sludge, etc. this is a must.

1 Isolation 1:58
2 I. Anger 7:26
3 II. Denial 8:12
4 III. Bargaining 6:03
5 IV. Depression 4:13
6 V. Acceptance 7:17

Mar 19, 2015

Good Morning Finch - Gemini


Artist: Good Morning Finch
Album: Gemini
Genre: post-rock, shoegaze, indie rock
Year: 2015

Web: buy, soundcloud, facebook, youtube
Bitrate~Size: your choice

good, a bit long though..

1 La stagione delle eclissi 4:44
2 Cerimonia 5:42
3 Amo quando cadi giù 3:35
4 Notte elettrica 5:30
5 Atomite 3:52
6 Copenhagen 8:36
7 La stanza blu 3:01
8 Malìa 6:01
9 Zero 2:34
10 Cane 4:44
11 Gemini 7:00

Mar 13, 2015

Shipwrecks - Shipwrecks EP



Artist: Shipwrecks
Album: Shipwrecks Ep
Genre: post-rock
Year: 2015

Web: buy,, facebook
Bitrate~Size: your choice

band from Cologne, Germany, four members, they released this ep this year, give it a listen.

1 Telescope 09:11
2 Owls 05:10
3 El Rumpelstilzo 10:16 

Mar 7, 2015

Black Ribbons - Neuromancer

Artist: Black Ribbons
Album: Neuromancer
Genre: synthpop, indie rock
Year: 2013
Label: Ocean Records
Web: buy,
Bitrate~Size: 320 | 105

New wave rock side project from Daniel Victor (Neverending White Lights), recommended.

1 The Fear 3:56
2 Sylvana 4:11
3 All I Ever Wanted 4:26
4 Kill for the Kiss 4:32
5 Teardrops 4:03
6 Pretty Little Tears 3:53
7 Another Lover Calling 4:35
8 Honey Inside 3:56
9 Sheila 3:05
10 The Pressure 4:24
11 Lover, Only You 4:35

Mar 3, 2015

.emilyrose - two eps, one single, two demos


Artist: .emilyrose
Album: two eps, one single, two demos
Genre: post-rock
Year: 2013/2014/2015

Web: buy, soundcloud, facebook, spotify, youtube

all included in one link, very good stuff, recommended.

Mar 1, 2015

We Only Said - Boring Pools


Artist: We Only Said
Album: Boring Pools
Genre: indie rock, alternative, post-rock
Year: 2015
Label: les disques Normal

Web: buy,, bancamp
Bitrate~Size: 320 | 81

I recommend this one.

1 Dry As Dust 6:05
2 A Fearful and Violent Hurry 2:09
3 Mitch 4:27
4 Everything Turns Cold 2:58
5 Here Comes the Thirteenth Lie 3:50
6 (Along All) Boring Pools 4:03
7 My Distance With You 3:40
8 Get Out Freakie (Alternative version) 4:56
9 Killing For a Job 3:35

Charlotte&Magon - Egg Dance Ep


Artist: Charlotte&Magon
Album: Egg Dance Ep
Genre: rock/pop
Year: 2015

Web: buy, youtube, soundcloud,

1 Egg Dance 3:49
2 The Maze 3:44
3 Cognitive Dissonance 5:11
4 Flower Fighter 4:11

Feb 27, 2015

Thom Yorke & Robert Del Naja - The UK Gold OST

Artist: Thom Yorke & Robert Del Naja (feat. Jonny Greenwood & Euan Dickinson)
Album: The UK Gold Ost
Genre: experimental, electronica
Year: 2015
Web: official
Stream: soundcloud

The UK Gold is essential viewing. An in-depth investigation of the tax avoidance industry in the UK, The UK Gold tackles tax dodging corporations and government complicity so directly that both BBC and Channel 4 refused to run it. It is, they claimed, ‘too controversial’. The film is directed by Mark Donne.

 worth checking this out

1 Tap24 Hiha24 (Yorke / Greenwood)
2 Mosquito Beat Slow (Yorke)
3 Embers (Del Naja / Dickinson)
4 Pin Loon Break Up (Yorke / Greenwood)
5 Mono Jam One V2 (Yorke)
6 Mission Creep (Del Naja / Dickinson / Morris)
7 Battle Box (Del Naja / Dickinson)
8 Passive Fist (Del Naja / Dickinson)
9 Bull Market (Del Naja / Dickinson)
10 As Pulse V7 Beat Edit (Yorke)
11 Extra Slacker Keys (Yorke)
12 Dead Editors (Del Naja / Dickinson)

Feb 26, 2015

Pineal - Ajornat


Artist: Pineal
Album: Ajornat
Genre: ambient, post-rock, instrumental
Year: 2013
Web: buy,
Bitrate~Size: your choice

very very nice music, I tried this one and "Obac". There are five albums in total on his bandcamp, for free.

1 Cel elevat 6:29
2 Branques 5:12
3 Vent ajornat 5:59
4 Mutu 5:10
5 Ja plàcid 2:58

Sunchaser - Sunchaser


Artist: Sunchaser
Album: Sunchaser
Genre: post-rock, instrumental
Year: 2014
Web: buy, facebook
Bitrate~Size: your choice/stream

Sunchaser, a four-piece eclectic instrumental post-rock band from Norman, Oklahoma has just released their self-titled debut album. Featuring an eclectic sound that encompasses experimental, ambient, doomy, jazzy and mathy sounds, the album is guaranteed to be something strange, yet familiar and pleasing to your ears. 

1 Vessel 8:33
2 Harbor 5:19
3 The Dog 7:46
4 Almost There 4:36
5 The Way Home 6:08
6 Ode to Death 9:27
7 Ghost Dance 8:12 

Flash the Readies - Submarine sky


Artist: Flash the Readies
Album: Submarine sky
Genre: post-rock, instrumental, alternative rock
Year: 2014
Web: buy, soundcloud, facebook
Bitrate~Size: your choice/stream

We are Flash the Readies from Czech republic, influenced by bands like Godspeed you black emperor, MONO, but also Pink Floyd. Our formerly classic indie rock band has turned into post rock band with feels of alternative rock and psychedelia. On the new album “Submarine sky”, the instrumental guitar parts are in the main focus and the vocals are held back.

good stuff.

1 Caledonia 5:36
2 D for donut 12:23
3 A.H.B. 1:19
4 You are the food 6:10
5 Deer in gear 8:46
6 Mary had a little lamb 4:48 

Feb 22, 2015

Antarctica - 23:03 Ep

Artist: Antarctica
Album: 23:03 Ep
Genre: post-rock, shoegaze, space rock
Year: 1998
Label: File-13 Records
Web: buy,
Bitrate~Size: 160 | 26
Other posts:  81:03

1 Drown the Days 8:53
2 Full Cresent Crusade 6:00
3 Closeful of Churches 8:07

Feb 12, 2015

Beneath the Lake - Silent Uprising

Artist: Beneath the Lake
Album: Silent Uprising
Genre: dark ambient
Year: 2005
Label: Glass Throat
Web: buy,
Bitrate~Size:  vbr (~191) | 95

The music of Beneath the Lake is based upon compositions of soundscapes using samplers, guitars, bass, wind instruments, organs, effect processors, and field recordings to generate sound. The concept behind the music is to create a juxtaposition between the natural world and the industrial world. The two members of Beneath the Lake, Nicolas Lampert and Dave Canterbury each have a long history in soundscape music.


1 Empty City 13:11
2 Fire & Rain 11:58
3 Silent Uprising 8:21
4 Chasm 22:13
5 Blind Inspiration 14:12

Feb 11, 2015

Recue - All The Wrong Places

Artist: Recue
Album: All The Wrong Places
Genre: idm
Year: 2008
Label: Rednetic Recordings
Web: buy,
Bitrate~Size: 320 | 96

 Recue is the musical outlet of Riku Annala, a producer/musician hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Musically Recue is exploring left field of electronic music, regardless of genres. The music is often referred to as having heavy influences of dub, ambient, bass focused downtempo and even techno but according to himself it’s better to leave it for the listener to place the tag.

1 Gbliss 5:34
2 Korento 4:40
3 Bivouac 4:02
4 Kalmacty 4:48
9 Kasvoton 5:15
6 Badhairday 3:16
7 Savant 4:03
8 Savant (Bad Loop Remix) 5:30
9 Himanka (Eero Johannes Remix) 4:42

Jan 27, 2015

Thom Yorke / Jonny Greenwood - Electric Lady Studios (Acoustic)

Artist: Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood
Album: Electric Lady Studios (Acoustic)

Year: 2003

Bitrate~Size: 320 | 99

1 I might be wrong 4:54
2 Sail to the moon 5:13
3 Go to sleep (false start, thom breaks string) 0:55
4 Go to sleep 3:35
5 A punch up at the wedding 6:10
6 No surprises (false start) 0:56
7 No surprises 4:45
8 I will 2:40
9 There there 5:18
10 Everything in its right place 4:22
11 Karma police 4:32

Jan 11, 2015

The Other Side of the Sky - Rorschach

Artist: The Other Side of the Sky
Album: Rorschach
Genre: post-metal, atmospheric sludge metal
Year: 2005
Label: Retribute Records
Web: buy,
Bitrate~Size: V0 (~253) | 71

 The Other Side Of The Sky from Daytona Beach, Florida deliver a unique brand of ambient sludge metal related to bands like Isis, Neurosis and Mogwai. The band was created in early 2002 by Michael Brown and Paul Weeks as a forum for their developing ideas and a desire to play the music they wanted to hear. Since then the band have played over 80 shows, toured the Eastern USA/Canada and self-released 2 cd’s, the most recent of which entitled ‘Heritage’ was recorded at Austin Enterprises with Steve Austin of Today Is The Day.

 one of my favorites of the genre, enjoy it.

1 No Compromise 7:11
2 Rorschach 5:33
3 Time Square Spectre 4:44
4 Street Ethics 5:56
5 Harlem 5:00
6 Reluctant Hero 4:53
7 Justice Is a Vagrant 6:21

Jan 6, 2015

Echoes and Signals - V


Artist: Echoes and Signals
Album: V
Genre: instrumental, post-rock, post-metal, progressive rock
Year: 2014
Web: buy,
Bitrate~Size: your choice

V is the third album by Echoes and Signals.
This album is dedicated to the five stages of acceptance: denial, anger, guilt, depression and realization. While the album is very personal for the band, it may also be a journey for you, the listener, because everyone has difficult truths to accept. Accordingly, we really hope that these songs will help you to get through your darkest moments the same way as they helped us.

1 I 0:57
2 Over The Lethe 6:57
3 II 0:42
4 Dead End 5:43
5 III 1:26
6 Caught By The Water (feat. Adaen) 6:50
7 IV 1:06
8 Hadal Pelagic 10:16
9 V 2:01
10 The Waiting Room 7:07
11 When The Time Has Come To Sail Away 4:48

Jan 5, 2015

Release The Long Ships - Wilderness


Artist: Release The Long Ships
Album: Wilderness
Genre: instrumental, post-rock, metalgaze
Year: 2014
Label: self-released
Web: buy,, myspace
Bitrate~Size: your choice

I have never been a musician but I was a huge music listener. I started to create music in the fall of 2011, with only a microphone and an acoustic guitar just to embalm ideas; then a friend taught me the basics of recording and production. I made Wilderness with a 7-yrs-old PC and a cheap guitar, so it’s far from audiophile quality but I tried to do my best.

My greatest inspirations are nature and music (the atmospheric kind). If I had to name a few albums that stand out as main inspiration, I would mention Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde by Alcest and Sea Of The Dying Dhow by *Shels. There are no hidden messages; this is an album inspired by nature and saving nature is the only chance for mankind to live a future, but hopefully everybody knows that already.

It is also worth mentioning that Ferenc has also created the artwork for Wilderness himself – it is a very special piece as he drew it right before his son was born, who looked exactly like that boy. He’s 3 years older now. While listening to this album you will surely be able to feel the dedication and heart that Ferenc Kapiller put into this record.

check this out.

1 Mist Pillars 6:08
2 Snow 4:42
3 So Murmured The Wide Seas 4:44
4 Aether 2:26
5 I Am The Sun 6:12
6 The Heart Of The Mountain 5:52
7 I Have Never Seen The Light 5:38

Dec 29, 2014

Asura - Life²

Artist: Asura
Album: Life²
Genre: psybient
Year: 2007

Web: buy,,
 Bitrate~Size: V2 (~199) | 110 *removed.

1 Golgotha 6:12
2 Back to Light 7:16
3 Galaxies Part One (album edit) 8:15
4 Celestial Tendencies 9:07
5 The Prophecy 7:28
6 Five Lines 9:31
7 Life² 7:49
8 Galaxies Part Two 10:34
9 Butterfly FX 6:27
10 La Chanson de Carla 4:56

Dec 15, 2014

Blueneck - Night of the Meek EP

Artist: Blueneck
Album: Night of the Meek Ep
Genre: post-rock
Year: 2014

Web: buy (name your price)
Bitrate~Size: your choice

1 Driving Home for Christmas 4:43
2 Blue Christmas 3:28
3 Silent Night 5:35
4 White Christmas 4:17

Dec 10, 2014

Kairon; IRSE! - Ujubasajuba

Artist: Kairon; IRSE!
Album: Ujubasajuba
Genre: post-rock, space rock, shoegaze, psychedelic rock
Year: 2014

Web: buy,, soundcloud, facebook
Bitrate~Size: 320 | 120 or your choice from their bandcamp

band from Finland (four members), I gave it three or four listens so far and it's an ok record, there's a certain hype around this album and it's ranked #8 for 2014 on rateyourmusic, perhaps works better for some of you..

1 Valorians 5:02
2 Tzar Morei 9:44
3 Amsterdam 7:17
4 Swarm 9:40
5 Rulons 8:26
6 Les, Moh y Gribi 10:54

Dec 4, 2014

Latex Teens First Attack - Supermarché érotique


Artist: Latex Teens First Attack
Album: Supermarché érotique
Genre: math rock, post-rock, noise, punk
Year: 2013
Web: buy,, facebook
Bitrate~Size: your choice

Latex teens first attack è un trio strumentale formatosi all’inizio del 2012 a Venezia. Composto da Leonardo Gatto (Ciclope, We were onoff), Luca Alban (Green calamaro, Lelabbraelacera) e Giorgio Scarano, il gruppo nasce dall’idea di coniugare una musica veloce e ritmata con la potenza e le distorsioni della scena anni Novanta di Chicago.

1 Lasagni 2:00
2 Corri Pilotto, corri 3:24
3 Andy cop boy 2:30
4 Oh my gong 2:02
5 Latex 4:52
6 Un bacio per te 2:44 

heklAa - My name is John Murdoch


Artist: heklAa
Album: My name is John Murdoch
Genre: post-rock
Year: 2014
Web: buy/stream
Bitrate~Size: your choice

1 Générique 1:34
2 Episode 1: The Dark City of sirenZ 8:18
3 Episode 2 - l'Inconnue 7:55
4 Episode 3: The Dome 6:19
5 Episode 4: Dance with the Shadows 4:12
6 Episode 5: Remembering Shell Beach 6:48
7 Episode 6: My name is John Murdoch 7:56
8 Episode 7: Say hurray! hurray! 'cause it's the End of the World! 9:36
9 Epilogue 4:24

Nov 20, 2014

aMute - Savage Bliss

Artist: aMute
Album: Savage Bliss
Genre: experimental, post-rock
Year: 2014
Label: Three:Four Records
Web: buy,, myspace 
Bitrate~Size: 320  | 101

Savage Bliss is the fifth album from Amute and the first to be released by three:four records. As a solo artist, Jérôme Deuson continues his path with determination and shows that he has the level of such artists as Tim Hecker and Fennesz.
This record still holds melancholy and nostalgia, but the religious post-rock melodies are scarcer. There lies very dark and tortured romanticism as the subtitle 'an album about love and other lies' indicates. The astounding density of the sound layers makes Savage Bliss a dark album, a sad revolution - crude but not monolithic, powerful, but without violence - with heart and emotions. The refinement of the arrangements, the accuracy of the atmospheres, the diversity of textures show the very high sensitivity of Amute, who delivers an asserted and true album.


1 Death To The Hype 4:09
2 I Was All Yours You Know 5:44
3 Lonely Vegas Trust 6:22
4 Empirical Evidence 5:44
5 Friends 6:11
6 The Short Mess 2:30
7 You're In The Air I Breathe 5:17
8 Savage Bliss 8:16

Nov 18, 2014

Saltillo - Ganglion

Artist: Saltillo
Album: Ganglion
Genre: a downtempo, modern classical, trip hop mix
Year: 2006
Label: Suspicious Records
Web: buy,, myspace, facebook
Bitrate~Size: vbr (~189) | 70|

Saltillo is Menton J. Matthews III (born January 3, 1976), also a member of Sunday Munich.
Matthews is a multi-instrumentalist, playing cello, viola, violin, guitar, drums, piano, and bass, as well as a slew of electronics. He has spent the last few years refining his song-writing abilities by scoring film soundtracks and doing production work at the mixing desk.


(MF link)

1 Abeo 2:34
2 Proxy 4:30
3 If Wishes Were Catholics (Feat. Sarah Matthews) 5:15
4 The Right Of Action 5:01
5 They All Do It The Same 2:54
6 Gatekeepers 4:13
7 I Hate You 4:00
8 Forced Vision 4:29
9 Hollow 3:43
10 The Locus Priory 5:44
11 Veil (Feat. Brianna) 5:15
12 To Kill A King 3:57

Nov 8, 2014

Mogwai (full concert) - Live @ Pitchfork Music Festival Paris

Mogwai (full concert) - Live @ Pitchfork Music... by culturebox

excellent show, as always, my adored 'Travel Is Dangerous' is included (11:52) and it seems they played a new song, enjoy it while you can..

Nov 6, 2014

Uma Totoro - Energía Solar Para Tortugas Gigantes


Artist: Uma Totoro
Album: Energía Solar Para Tortugas Gigantes
Genre: instrumental, post-rock, noise, kraut rock
Year: 2014
Web: buy,, facebook
Bitrate~Size: your choice


1 Yo tengo pájaros 3:28
2 El Jirafonte 4:42
3 Lobotomóvil 1:38
4 Incidente Roswell 2:44
5 Bombyx mori 1:52
6 El sol rebota en los peces 3:15
7 Al calor de las máquinas 2:47
8 Costa de Marfil 10:27

Nov 1, 2014

Kwoon - Swan (video)

Ok this is the new Kwoon video, I'm having problems to watch it complete, don't know why.. I'll try later, maybe works fine for some of you.

Oct 23, 2014

Esmerine - If Only a Sweet Surrender to the Nights to Come Be True

Artist: Esmerine
Album: If Only a Sweet Surrender to the Nights to Come Be True
Genre: chamber music, post-rock
Year: 2003
Label: Resonant
Web: buy,, myspace 
Bitrate~Size: 192 | 68

Esmerine is an experimental group started in 2003 by Bruce Cawdron and Beckie Foon, who have contributed to other Montreal-based bands as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Set Fire to Flames, and A Silver Mt. Zion.
Esmerine’s music consists mainly of percussion, cello, and marimba, lacking the guitars present in other Godspeed side-projects. Esmerine’s style shares many characteristics with minimalist classical music, and chamber music.
For their first release, Esmerine takes the guitars out of the equation, and is based almost entirely around drums, melodic percussion and cello. Efrim, Theirry, Catherine and Chloe contribute harmonium, double and electric bass, sackbut, and violin.


1 Red fire farm 4:33
2 There were no footprints in the dust behind them... 12:20
3 Nohna's Lullaby 5:34
4 Where there is no love there is no justice 5:52
5 Tungsten 5:30
6 Sweet surrender be true 7:45
7 Luna park 1:25
8 The marvellous engines of resistance 7:01

Oct 11, 2014

Dsco - Indian Winter

Artist: Dsco
Album: Indian Winter
Genre: post-rock, instrumental, ambient
Year: 2001
Web: buy,
Bitrate~Size: 192 | 55
DSCO is a collective effort of MONO frontman Takaakira “Taka” Goto and Tokyo-based guitarist Midoriyama.

I was reading TheSirensSound and a massive Mono post (a must of course if you're new to Mono) reminded me I had a link for this Dsco, it's good, give it a try.

1 Liquid Morning 1:30
2 My Watch Has Broken 1:25
3 Soberness 2:07
4 Dead Flower 2:09
5 Oil Tower 2:36
6 At The Park 1:48
7 Roofs 2:10
8 I Didn't Know 2:31
9 Silence of Show Tent 1:22
10 Flash 22:52

Oct 8, 2014

Lago Vostok - Decorso Infausto


Artist: Lago Vostok
Album: Decorso Infausto
Genre: post-math, noisecore, post-rock
Year: 2013
Web: buy, facebook, soundcloud
Bitrate~Size: your choice

We're an Italian power trio trapped in Antarctica ices doing some PURE noise to get free. Our sounds is a mix of mathcore riffs, post-rock atmospheres and noisy distortions.

1 Amuse bouche 2:16
2 L'altro dopo l'uno 3:53
3 Aria in catene 3:33
4 In pasto ai Saprofiti 3:24
5 Cañero 2:40
6 Crazy crazy man only wants to kill italians 16:02

Oct 5, 2014

The Best Pessimist - I Just Want To Be Your Everything

Artist: The Best Pessimist
Album: I Just Want To Be Your Everything
Genre: post-rock, instrumental, piano
Year: 2009
Web: buy,, myspace, facebook
Bitrate~Size: 320 | 110

The Best Pessimist is a one-man-band project formed in 2009 by the Ukrainian musician and composer Sergii Lunov. His music is a lovechild of genres like post-rock, ambient, idm. Piano driven atmospheric musical landscapes may remind you of: The American Dollar.

1 Forgive Me 2:17
2 Oceanica 5:32
3 My Heaven Ends Disaster 5:06
4 6619 Days Of Waiting 6:16
5 You 3:30
6 Walking With Happiness 5:20
7 I Just Want To Be Your Everything 4:23
8 Sleep Well 5:23
9 Sweet Loneliness 5:05
10 I 5:12

Oct 2, 2014

Jakob - Blind Them With Science (video)

The official video for Blind Them With Science (opening track) from Jakob's new album 'Sines' out this October.

Sep 26, 2014

Orange Crush - Autumn Reflections

Artist: Orange Crush
Album: Autumn Reflections
Genre: electronica, downtempo, ambient, shoegaze
Year: 2009
Label: Archaic Horizon Records
Web: buy (nameyourprice),, facebook
Bitrate~Size: V0 (~227) | 105

Electronica artist Karl Endreson, born 1979 In Kristiansand, Norway.

Fantastic atmospheric album, sit down and relax. Use my link or go to his bandcamp.

1 By The Shores 5:17
2 The Stream 4:33
3 Willow Creek 4:59
4 Memory Station 4:29
5 Zero Degrees 4:08
6 Deeper Stream 4:48
7 Invocation 4:30
8 Snowbound 5:28
9 Interlude1 2:30
10 Sunshine Drive 4:45
11 Quiet Skies 3:45
12 Dawnbreaker 4:14
13 Interlude2 2:17
14 The Creek 4:32
15 Winter's Tale 4:35


Sep 23, 2014

RoadSign - Ascension EP


Artist: RoadSign
Album: Ascension Ep
Genre: post-rock, progressive rock
Year: 2014
Label: Pison Contents
Web: buy,, facebook
Bitrate~Size: m4a (mediafire) | 69 

The new post-rock album from Korean band RoadSign is out now through digital markets.
RoadSign is 2-men band with Jimi and JS from Seoul, Korea. Met in the school band 'Truth' at hight school, now they reorganized as 2-men band RoadSign after the years or undergroud band 'Soundpolis'. RoadSign compose and play with adding independent tendencies and thinkings to the genre of Post-Rock and Progressive-Rock.

1 Intro (Overture)
2 Acid Purple
3 Ice Skate on The Ring of Saturn
4 Imprudent and Regret
5 Speak with Your Voice
6 Jacob's Ladder(Ascension)

Sep 20, 2014

heklAa - Songs in F EP


Artist: heklAa
Album: Songs in F Ep
Genre: post-rock
Year: 2013

Web: buy,
Bitrate~Size: stream 
Other posts: My name is John Murdoch
heklAa is the solo project of Sébastien Touraton, a french composer. His influences: postrock, jazz, movie music as well as two unforgettable trips in the beautiful Iceland.

1 thousAnds of comets Are fAlling down on eArth 08:54
2 bAck to jokulsArlon 07:28
3 oceAns 07:36
4 being steindor Andersen 10:32

Arsonists vs. Firemen - Oblique!poBzXZLT!dzBFptbzjBSDpOPrq8Py29rq5YIYhG-2wim1Mgd49m0


Artist: Arsonists vs. Firemen
Album: Oblique
Genre from last: ambient, progressive rock, post rock, electronic, progressive
Year: 2014

Web: buy,, facebook
Bitrate~Size: FLAC | 199

1 Blinding Lights 4:22
2 Battlefields 3:06
3 Broken Home. 4:17
4 Old Clown 2:54
5 Terra Mater 7:21
6 Interlude 1:53
7 Hoax 2:03
8 Opus #1 5:21
9 Coda 2:15

Sep 16, 2014

Antethic - Origin


Artist: Antethic
Album: Origin

Year: 2014

Web: buy,, soundcloud, youtube, facebook
Bitrate~Size: your choice
Code: 64fn-7jg9

 ANTETHIC is an instrumental band from St. Petersburg formed in 2012. The group plays instrumental rock music with elements of post-rock, progressive rock, drone, shoegaze. From the band formation two EPs, one single and LP were released. Our sound and style vary from album to album and you can find elements of post-rock/-metal, drone, ambient and progressive rock in our music.

good stuff, closer track is great.

1 Time Forward 7:13
2 Cheliuskin 9:05
3 Old Maui Girls 7:07
4 This Game Has No Name 6:11
5 Morning Glory 3:30
6 White Whale 10:21

Sep 14, 2014

Akensore - I EP

Artist: Akensore
Album: I Ep
Genre: indie
Year: 2014
Web: buy,
Bitrate~Size: your choice|

1 The Atlantic 6:02
2 Desdemona 4:59
3 Lies & Fireworks 2:52
4 Cupid's Bile 5:20