Mar 30, 2010

All Your Gardening Needs - Arranco

Artist: All Your Gardening Needs
Album: Arranco
Genre: ambient, electronica, lo-fi soundscapes
Year: 2010
Web: buy,, stream
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: multiupload | 320 | 172

making harmonic, landscaping ambient music in cheap computers and free software: all your gardening needs is an electronica/ambient project from brazilian producer Tiago Casagrande.

thanks Tiago..

1 antiduna 3:33
2 ensaios não-destrutivos de toponímia 12:08
3 B 9:42
4 brotas de macaúbas 12:12
5 arranco [areal noturno] 7:42
6 pechblenda [rádio] 4:34
7 selenocartografia [8-bit] 5:10
8 uadi 11:41
9 theia 8:41

Mar 27, 2010

Fabrizio Paterlini - Viandanze

Artist: Fabrizio Paterlini
Album: Viandanze
Genre: piano, modern classical, minimalism
Year: 2009
Web: buy, official,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mediafire | vbr ~220 | 74
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1 Profondo Blu 2:54
2 Nuovi Orizzonti 3:35
3 Esoterica Virtu 4:12
4 Primi Passi 4:19
5 Viandanze 4:06
6 La Polvere E L'incanto 3:29
7 L'attesa 3:23
8 Sottovoce 3:46
9 In Cerchio 3:51
10 Lontana, Dolcemente Sospesa 3:32
11 Continua Metamorfosi 2:56
12 Veloma 2:47
13 Qui Ed Ora 4:38

Fabrizio Paterlini - Viaggi in aeromobile

Artist: Fabrizio Paterlini
Album: Viaggi in aeromobile
Genre: piano, modern classical, minimalism
Year: 2007
Web: buy, official,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mediafire | vbr ~226 | 77
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Fabrizio Paterlini’s music has been defined as ambient, minimalist, graceful, sweet and relaxing: “a glass of red wine on a summer evening”, as he himself defines it. In 2009, he released "Remixed", a compilation including the best remixes on his music received from worldwide artists. In 2008, he released an EP - "Viandanze" a small preview of the entire full album that will be released as of Dec 13, 2009. In 2007, on the “Music Center” label, he released his debut CD, “Viaggi in Aeromobile” (Aircraft Trips): a delicate and elegant album that catapults the listener into the intimate world of the artist where he willingly allows himself to be transported by a sound of rare beauty. Born in Mantua, Fabrizio started playing the piano at the age of 6. After many years studying classical music, he started perfoming with a number of bands, playing everything from progressive to hard rock, from jazz to pop. It was not until the end of the 90s that he decided to explore new musical paths, concentrating on the piano, the instrument that best expresses his inner world.

aaw lovely discovery, kind of stuff I'm into these days, recommended both releases.

1 L'airone 5:03
2 Soffia La Notte 3:24
3 Passaggi 4:29
4 Ti Parlo 4:38
5 Colori 4:20
6 Il Segreto Rivelato 3:45
7 Due Passi 4:12
8 Torna Da Me 3:52
9 Con Queste Mani 4:14
10 Far Away From Here 4:17
11 Pensieri Confusi 4:11
12 Barari 1:35

Mar 25, 2010

Vision Éternel - Abondance de périls

Artist: Vision Éternel
Album: Abondance de périls
Year: 2010
Label: Abridged Pause Recordings
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: direct link | vbr ~206 | 19

“Abondance de périls” is the new ep by Vision Éternel. As it’s third release, the band has moved to a newer sound, but still keeping the composition it is known for. This splendid short play will be your soundtrack to late lonely nights, and will make you feel just like the artist was when writing these pieces. As usual for the band, it is a concept album. It is the third instalment in the post-phases of love. For the first time VE has worked with external artists (in the mastering and the artwork of the album) and it adds an entire new dimension to this beautiful masterpiece.

1 Thoughts as Solicitation 1:42
2 Thoughts as Obstacles 2:56
3 Thoughts as Naïvety 1:13
4 Thoughts as Years 2:02
5 Thoughts as Affection 5:15

Beyond the Dune Sea - Beyond the Dune Sea

Artist: Beyond the Dune Sea
Album: Beyond the Dune Sea
Year: 2010
Label: Abridged Pause Recordings
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: direct link | 320 | 65

Beyond the Dune Sea’s debut full length is a brilliant album. And it was done in such a “post-musical” style as well. A series of live jams were recorded and the whole thing was put together in post-production style by Adam Kennedy. The entire album is flawless and could be your next album on repeat once you get started. This is not to be passed by in 2010.
1 Welcome to the Dunes 0:31
2 The Dune Sea 4:33

3 The Red Tide 4:09

4 Time is of the Essence 2:46

5 Save Game 3:28

6 Embryo 2:51

7 Reflection in the Sea 2:04

8 Final Solution 4:22
9 Welcome to the Dunes (Reprise) 0:23

10 Return from the Sea 2:52

Mar 23, 2010

Last Days - The Safety of the North

Artist: Last Days
Album: The Safety of the North
Genre: ambient, electronica, post-rock
Year: 2009
Label: n5MD
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: rs | vbr ~219 | 103
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1 The City Failed 4:57
2 May Your Days Be Gold 3:10
3 New House 2:11
4 Fracture 6:10
5 Thoughts Of Alice 3:05
6 Run Home 4:53
7 Life Support 6:52
8 Your Silence Is The Loudest Sound 3:20
9 This Is Not An Ending 5:05
10 The Fields Remember My Father 4:20
11 Missing Photos 2:04
12 Nothing Stays The Same, Nothing Ever Ends 5:57
13 You Are Stars 3:46
14 Blue And White Flowers 3:57
15 Onwards 6:20

Mar 20, 2010

The Album Leaf - In A Safe Place

Artist: The Album Leaf
Album: In A Safe Place
Genre: electronica, ambient, post-rock
Year: 2004
Label: Sub Pop Records
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: rs | 256 | 93

best I've heard of him.

1 Window 3:44
2 Thule 4:23
3 On Your Way 4:31
4 TwentyTwoFourteen 5:40
5 The Outer Banks 4:23
6 Over the Pond 4:55
7 Another Day 4:21
8 Streamside 3:34
9 Eastern Glow 6:06
10 Moss Mountain Town 9:22

Mar 16, 2010

Disinterested - Behind Us

Artist: Disinterested
Album: Behind Us
Genre: ambient, post-rock, dream pop
Year: 2007
Label: Dynamophone Records
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: rs | vbr ~182 | 56

Matt Brown crafts his pensive, lazy-day sound like no other. Easy and gorgeous, humble and encouraging, Disinterested grew out of the desire to make ambient music with only a guitar, exploring the usage of effects pedals and other experimentation during the recording process. Originally intended to be a solo project, Matt found it difficult to resist the desire to collaborate and has enjoyed working with many people on his two albums, including his bandmates from Seattle's Trespassers William, artists over the internet he’s never met (Ma-Chan, Klassen), classical singer Dino Palazzi, and, on his new record, renown guitarist Bill Frisell.

beautiful music, recommended.

1 Dissonance 4:36
2 What You Wanted 4:19
3 January 4:39

4 Sunnydayafter 3:55

5 Blankets 1:41
6 Felt Leaves 3:13

7 Last 2:45

8 West East 3:57

9 I Wish It Were the 90's 4:27
10 Behind Us 4:59

11 Grey

Loud & Sad - fet_tm09

Artist: Loud & Sad
Album: fet_tm09
Genre: piano
Year: 2009
Web: official, buy,
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: direct link | 320 | 36

Short album created to provide a glimpse of the Loud & Sad Concept...False Intimacy. Performed live in Burlington,VT on March 20th, 2009 at the Radio Bean.

March 2009 16:07

Mar 14, 2010

EUS - Última Inhalación

Artist: EUS
Album: Última Inhalación
Genre: ambient, drone, experimental, post-rock
Year: 2010
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mf | 256 | 96
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I'm a costarican guy, 20 y-o, and I just finished an album of my solo-project, EUS.
What you can expect is an Experimental Ambient, with a lot of other styles as the album goues on, like psychedelia, Noise, Post Rock, Dark Ambient, etc.

not bad, not bad at all man, thanks for contacting me.

1 Carpintera 14:13
2 Ipsoñ 7:03
3 Mil Cartas Para Není 7:31
4 Muy Cerca Del Borde 6:14
5 Pwdre Sêr 9:11
6 Transición 0:55
7 Viaje al Centro de la Luna I 3:12
8 Viaje al Centro de la Luna II 2:00
9 Viaje al Centro de la Luna III 2:25

Whirl - demo

Artist: Whirl
Album: demo
Genre: shoegaze, dream pop
Year: 2010 (?)
Web: buy > myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mf | wav | 60
Other posts: Distressor Ep

1 Leave 3:52
2 Meaningless 2:08

Mar 13, 2010

"…" - Transcendence

Artist: "…"
Album: Transcendence
Genre: ambient, postrock, modern classical
Year: 2010
Web: buy, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mf | 224 | 48

It took the Brighton-based Swede Jakob Lindhagen, the man behind the mysterious moniker "…", only a month to single handedly write, produce and record the debut album "Transcendence". An achievement that becomes even more impressive considering the fact that Jakob had barely turned 20 doing it. In a true DIY spirit he's now releasing it, digitally, all on his own.
The album begins with the highly appropriate, if slightly cliche, sound of the needle hitting the record. Then it starts. The mind gets washed away by a numbing chord progression, and without fully realizing what's
going on enters a piercing melody that slowly crawls under your skin to stay. After that follows a flow of melancholic pianos, guitars; ranging from sweeping to delicately picking to aggressively attacking and everything in between along with sadly echoing glockenspiels, discrete electronic touches and astonishingly atmospheric sounds and creates deeply moving, instrumental perfection, one moment extraordinary grandiose and the other whisperingly intimate.
He creates his own little ethereal universe that he brings us to and lets us visit, if only for a while. It's a dreamy sentiment that describes something we do not fully understand.
Jakob shows with this debut a maturity rarely seen amongst newcomers, not just proving his talent but delivering
as well.

When the needle is eventually lifted and you wake up, the only thing that bothers is that it ended to quickly.

1 Vienna Waltz 3:52
2 Listen 8:41
3 Part II 6:40
4 Please talk to me 6:08
5 Stranded 5:25

Mar 11, 2010

Another Phone - Medtime

Artist: Another Phone
Album: Medtime
Year: 2010
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mf | 192/112 | 20

What you can expect is an Experimental Ambient, with a lot of other styles as the album goues on, like psychedelia, Noise, Post Rock, Dark Ambient, etc.

1 Muy Cerca...
2 Pwdre Sêr.
3 Mil Cartas....
4 Ipsoñ.
5 Carpintera.
6 Transición.
7 Viaje.. I
8 Viaje II
9 Viaje III

Mar 8, 2010

Honey Sacrifice - Nights In Columbus

Artist: Honey Sacrifice
Album: Nights In Columbus
Genre: downtempo, ambient, post-rock
Year: 2010
Label: Neo Ouija
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: direct link | ~293 | 150

The Honey Sacrifice was developed as a soundtrack to a film which has not been realized as of yet.
The 15 tracks accredited to the album “Nights in Columbus” reveal the underlying tension between an
ever promising future and the stark reality of the present in a fictitious urban zone of Columbus Ohio.
The interplay of the songs represent the struggle, the desolation, hopes realized and forgotten; laid before

a solemn group of participants. The actors in the film, as varied as the musicians performing, find themselves
culled together by a postmodern assemblage of technology, communication, and addiction. The various relations of
the musicians/actors chronicle the human élan and it’s creative outpouring through self effacing methods and practices.
The Honey Sacrifice asks to remain an album closer to a novel, then a proper atmospheric soundtrack.
The name refers to a chapter of Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None, an 1883 work by German
philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The name’s relevance simply states the oppositional forces of things and situations
desirable and the sacrifices made to achieve them.

Captured digitally in 96 kHz, 24 bit resolution, production aspects were never compromised. Painstaking efforts have
been taken to capture all the nuances of the individual performances throughout the soundtrack.

many thanks Martin @ Neo Ouija. recommended.

1 Freitag Abend 8:29
2 Vom Funkturm 1:54
3 Bad Vibes 5:04
4 Buffalo 4:41
5 Panes Grey 3:29
6 Past Edwards 5:51
7 Illuminati 4:57
8 Argos 3:48
9 Steganos 3:09
10 Strung Out 7:35
11 Ad Nocturn 4:53
12 Snowblack 6:49
13 Patine 11:02

Mar 6, 2010

Strange Glue and The Post-Rock Underground: Vol. 3

Album: Strange Glue and The Post-Rock Underground: Vol. 3
Genre: post-rock
Year: 2010
Web: Strange Glue
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: direct link | 192 | 70

If you are from the latter group then here's us getting the ball rolling, a compilation of the finest Post-Rock music around. A scientifically-proven mix of awe-inspiring tracks from both established and fledgling bands. Eight tracks of new, rare or unreleased material to tickle your fancy, tickle your auditory canal and to tick all your boxes with incendiary sonic explosions. There is of course a catch, much like your local drug-dealer, we give away the first hit free-of-charge in the knowledge that you'll keep coming back for more at slightly raised prices. This is what is called 'the music industry', so blow the moths from your wallet or purse and start purchasing some albums by these fine bands.

enjoy it.

1 The American Dollar - Landing 3:26
2 Pg. lost - Crystalline 10:05
3 Collapse Under The Empire - Crawling 4:22

4 Pelican - Strung Up From the Sky 5:10

5 The End Of The Ocean - Setting Sail 9:35

6 Analog Sound - Потеряно в переводе 3:41

7 Microfilm - State & Island 4:57

8 Eimog - Saved By Thirteen 9:56

Mar 3, 2010

1900 - 1900

Artist: 1900
Album: 1900
Genre: experimental, post-rock
Year: 2008
Label: ST4T
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mediafire | 320 | 76

interesting stuff, give it a try...

1 1900 3:43
2 Gud Är En Eld Inuti Huvudet 3:26
3 Den Minsta Av Segrar 5:00
4 "..." 3:42
5 Kolbrytarna 1:49
6 S:t Frances 3:32
7 Hinterland 5:25
8 Jag Har Hört Om En Stad Ovan Molnen 3:13
9 En Gång Ägde Vi Hela Jorden 3:40