Nov 29, 2009

Re: - Mnant

Artist: Re:
Album: Mnant
Genre: experimental, post-rock, noise
Year: 2001
Label: Constellation Records
Web: buy,
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: rs | vbr ~194 | 62

This first collection of material recorded and assembled by Re: comprises 11 songs culled and coaxed from an unruly pile of 4-track cassette and DAT recordings made by Boston-based Aden Evens and Montrealer Ian Ilavsky (Sofa, Silver Mt. Zion) during the late 90s. Mnant is an album of remaindered and recuperated sounds, densely layered, treated, filtered and mangled on computer. It is electronic music full of impurities, pulled from an archive of live performance and incidental field recording, guided by no rules beyond an attempt to make the right move at every turn, letting one loop or sound fragment suggest the next in an additive process that took 3 years of cross-border visits to realise. The result is a highly original series of tracks that defies easy categorisation and sits as comfortably alongside the work of This Heat or Village Of Savoonga as it does anything labeled ‘electronica’. Beats are sometimes overt, sometimes implied, and the whole is like an entire city sampled and summoned in sound.
- from label

honestly I don't fully get this, perhaps for you it does the trick..

1 Scue 1:46
2 Duce 4:15
3 Solute 7:50
4 Cipe 4:13
5 Straint 3:32
6 Buke 3:13
7 Pent 3:49
8 Legate 6:00
9 Volve 2:52
10 Ject 2:15
11 Gulate 5:07

Nov 24, 2009

Képzelt Város - Mit Nekem

Artist: Képzelt Város
Album: Mit Nekem
Genre: post-rock
Year: 2009
Web: buy, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: direct link | 320 | 114

thanks and good luck guys..

1 Sol 1:58
2 D2 7:42
3 Papírhajó 8:42

4 Zuhanó 5:26

5 Sergei6 7:42

6 White Noise 6:13

7 Hercules 7:42

We are Bright & Broken - We are Bright & Broken

Artist: We are Bright & Broken
Album: We are Bright & Broken
Genre: experimental, ambient
Year: 2009
Web: buy,
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: direct link| 320 | 34

1 with broken heart and sharp mind 7:22
2 this, our good stone Mother 7:28

Nov 23, 2009

Tired Tape Machine - Somewhere Safe

Artist: Tired Tape Machine
Album: Somewhere Safe
Genre: experimental, post-rock, ambient, piano
Year: 2009
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: 4shared | 320 | 87

It’s no coincidence that Jose Gonzalez’ music was dropped in favour of Tired Tape Machine for the final scene in Swedish director Mikel Cee Karlssons film Hälsningar från Skogen (the soundtrack, released on Kningdisk, also included artists like Peter Broderick and Tape). Petter Lindhagen’s one man band truly personifies the wave of new music that finds its own voice without needing vocal chords. A wave of experimental instrumental music that strikes a balance between sadness and hope, chaos and order. On his debut album Somewhere Safe, Petter Lindhagen has single handedly written, produced and played all the instruments; a DIY-attitude that is also evident in the lovingly realized physical manifestation of the release. In tune with his entrepreneurial spirit, the album is self-released, digitally and – as the name might suggest– on cassette!
best request of last month I'd say. too bad that last track, my opinion of course..

1 Somewhere Safe 3:38
2 On a Train 3:03

3 This Winter 2:40

4 Like Glass 4:32

5 Life is a Joke 3:22

6 From A Great Distance 6:30

7 The Tired Tape Machine Waltz 5:08

8 Ghosts in the Machine 9:14

Nov 20, 2009

Mamiffer - Hirror Enniffer

Artist: Mamiffer
Album: Hirror Enniffer
Genre: piano, experimental, post-rock, awesome
Year: 2008
Label: Hydra Head
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: rs | vbr ~189 | 46
Other posts: Mare Decendrii
Mamiffer is Faith Coloccia, a Seattle-based pianist, and Chris Common from the band These Arms Are Snakes, as well as a collective of other song-weavers and visionaries. Coloccia and Commons got together with friends Aaron Turner from Isis (who also owns HydraHead Recrods, the label that signed Mamiffer), Brian Cook, Ryan Frederiksen, and Annie Hozoji Matheson - Margullis in June, August, and December of 2007, as well as February of 2008, to compose the record Hirror Enniffer, which some blog critics have called “an environmental scourge of noise and atmosphere that is elegant, striking, and evocative. ” The band’s permanent lineup now includes not only Coloccia, Commons and Turner, but Travis Rommerein and Daniel McCoy as well.
The band lists Cold Reading, sympathetic magic, silver hands, apophenia, remote viewing, floods, shakti, and freedom among its influences.

discovered last year, so glad I did, amazing stuff. highly recommended.

1 This Land 6:15
2 Death Shawl 4:10
3 Annwn 5:43
4 Black Running Water 6:14
5 Suckling A Dead Litter 7:37
6 Cyhraeth 4:35

Nov 18, 2009

Crooneres Decadentes - Variante EP

Artist: Crooneres Decadentes
Album: Variante Ep
Genre: > quote
Year: 2009
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mediafire | 320 | 14

Crooneres Decadentes was formed in April 2009 in the city of Petrolina, State Of Pernambuco,
Located in the northeast of Brazil by Raoni Santos, who is the only member of the band.
No one knows for sure what their sound mixes, because we are in a time that we hear different musical styles,
but you can tell the band is influenced by Shoegaze, Grunge and Alternative Rock as well as the tranquility of Bossa Nova.
The letters come from loose sentences; the listener put them together and draw your own sense,
the more different interpretations, the better. The name comes from the discovery of one of the goals
that João Gilberto had to move to Rio de Janeiro: He wanted to be a Crooner, like Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra.
In September 2009, the band released their first demo, “Variante”, an EP recorded at home with two anti-ingredients ":
a sound card on-board and a common microphone.

1 Variante 2:54
2 Necessário Mal 3:09

3 Enxerto 0:17

zxyzxy - Hansuru

Artist: zxyzxy
Album: Hansuru
Genre: > myspace
Year: 2009
Web: buy,
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: direct link | vbr ~258 | 71

more downloads

1 ひので 5:11
2 ひので (Northern Implosion Remix) 6:33
3 ひので (Fidelium Remix) 5:20
4 ひので (Evelon Remix) 4:36
5 断腸の思い 17:13

Nov 14, 2009

Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers

Artist: Colleen
Album: Everyone Alive Wants Answers
Genre: ambient
Year: 2003
Label: The Leaf Label
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: rs | ~198 | 56


1 Everyone Alive Wants Answers 3:31
2 Ritournelle 3:09
3 Carry-Cot 1:53
4 Your Heart on Your Sleeve 2:46
5 Goodbye Sunshine 2:48
6 One Night and It's Gone 3:42
7 Long Live Mice in the Metro 2:50
8 I Was Deep in a Dream and I Didn't Know It 2:56
9 Babies 3:34
10 Sometimes on a Happy Cloud 1:55
11 A Swimming Pool Down the Railway Track 4:14
12 In the Train With No Lights 2:02
13 Nice and Simple 4:20

Nov 12, 2009

Pertegò - Hjarta

Artist: Pertegò
Album: Hjarta
Genre: post-rock, ambient post-rock
Year: 2009
Web: buy,, myspace
Bitrate~Size:  V0 (~250) | 79

italian guys doing some fine post-rock, approved.

EDIT 3-19-2013: NEW LINK

1 Hjarta 2:31
2 Bideri 6:34
3 E/Pallatio 4:26
4 Summer Night Games 5:07
5 Dova 5:00
6 Dance? 5:18
7 Vigo 6:22
8 Bideri Evo FF 9:03 *fave track*

Nov 9, 2009

Yawning - Selected Works

Artist: Yawning
Album: Selected Works
Genre: > quote
Year: 2009
Label: Heat Death Records
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mediafire | vbr ~232 | 65

7 tracks hand-picked from his demo pieces, and a further 3 tracks on a bonus disc for 11 of the 50 copies!
yawning is one half of japanese ambient duo gargle, but this monkier explores darker territory - pianos, strings and guitar flicker in a melancholy and brooding union. it's like a library tapes, eluvium and mono car crash, in a good way.

1 Snore and Envy 1:48
2 At Dusk 2:08
3 Jubilance 2:36
4 One More Word Before I Go 3:34
5 Brink 5:32
6 The Sparks in Your Eyes 2:36
7 One More Word Before I Go (Reprise) 2:37
8 Ascension 8:14
9 Vague 1:52
10 Faint 8:14

Nov 8, 2009

DBH - Thief

Artist: DBH
Album: Thief
Genre: acoustic
Year: 2009
Label: Heat Death Records
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mediafire | vbr ~225 | 29

an ep of instrumental guitar cover versions by a very talented young man from manchester the focus here is female pop acts, so it's for fans of finger picked guitars. and abba. and es
first track <3 , recommended.

1 Time After Time 3:09
2 American Boy 2:34
3 Wuthering Heights 3:34
4 I Wanna Dance With Somebody 2:28
5 Let's Go Round Again 2:25
6 Abba Medley 4:12

Matsuda Mitsuyoshi - Scene

Artist: Matsuda Mitsuyoshi
Album: Scene
Genre: acoustic
Year: 2009
Label: Heat Death Records
Web: buy, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mediafire | vbr ~212 | 35

with music that transcends the translation barrier between us (a thank you to yawning for helping on this!) this lovely japanese fellow will soon release an ep of beautiful guitar led folky musings. if you like dné or message to bears then hit up mitsuyoshi on myspace while you wait for this one.

1 Hirune 1:46
2 Curtain 3:50
3 Park 1:27
4 Evening Melody 3:28
5 Calm 2:45
6 Shizukana Umi 5:48
7 Secret Door 4:20

Nov 5, 2009

Bad Actor - Portrait of Finality

Artist: Bad Actor
Album: Portrait of Finality
Genre: sludge metal, progressive
Year: 2009
Web: buy,, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mediafire | 320 | 75

Bad Actor, taking up home base in Orlando FL, is attempting to provide music with a genuine and abrasive presentation. Educated and furious as fuck, this five piece will take their art and shove it straight into your corn cob pipe with extreme unrelenting force.
thanks guys, keep it heavy!

1 The Kracken of Normandy 3:32
2 Sinister Smoke and Smolder 3:31
3 Through the Blue 2:28
4 A Man of Ideas 4:24
5 Shaking Hands Through Doorways 2:17
6 Searching for Serenity 3:26
7 Oleg 4:39
8 As Meredith Explodes 3:11
9 Triangular Room 3:15
10 Ralos 2:04

Nov 3, 2009

Old World Vulture - How the West Was Lost 7"

Artist: Old World Vulture
Album: How the West Was Lost 7"
Genre: rock, ambient, experimental
Year: 2009
Web: buy, myspace
Mirror: sendspace

November 22 @ The Merchant Ale House, St. Catharines
November 25 @ The Boat, Toronto
December 11 @ The Horseshoe, Toronto
thanks for the mail guys.

1. How the West Was Lost
2. How Was the West Lost? (Valiise remix)

Sigmoid Argonaut - EP

Artist: Sigmoid Argonaut
Genre: indie rock (?)
Year: 2009
Web: buy, myspace
Mirror~Bitrate~Size: mediafire | 160 | 24

good luck guys.

1 Quixotis 4:42
2 Trapperin Keeper 4:34
3 Brittle Brail 4:11
4 Tentacle Trap 7:51