Oct 1, 2013

Lowercase Noises - Carry Us All Away

Artist: Lowercase Noises
Album: Carry Us All Away
Genre: post-rock, ambient
Year: 2010
Web: buy, last.fm
Bitrate~Size: V0 (~230) | 100

Lowercase Noises is the musical brainchild of Andy Othling, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and artist from Albuquerque, NM. All programming and composition on Lowercase Noises’ albums are performed by Andy, with exception of the occasional guest musician or vocalist.
Carry Us All Away was a true milestone in Lowercase Noises’ career. An appropriate follow-up to the two ‘quieter’ previous releases, Carry Us All Away aims for nothing shy of epic, displaying Andy at the top of his form. The album opens with a fantastic bang, then carries the listener through 45 more minutes of bliss, dipping occasionally to lovely ambient swoons, then vamping back into satisfyingly big beats and driving melodies.  

great music, just great, I recommend this one.

1 shaking the dust (airfields) 2:21
2 shaking the dust (skyscrapers) 5:29
3 like a firefly (love) 6:24
4 like a firefly (war) 3:53
5 working and paying and living and dying 6:42
6 nickels and dimes 3:53
7 a whole garden 5:04
8 stars Pt. 2 6:15
9 broke through the ice 5:22
10 the gate beautiful 6:37
11 i want to live again 4:34
12 a highway shall be there 4:09

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