Oct 10, 2013

Les Fragments De La Nuit - Demain C'Etait Hier

Artist: Les Fragments De La Nuit
Album: Demain C'Etait Hier
Genre: chamber music, modern classical
Year: 2010
Label: Equilibrium Music
Web: buy, last.fm, myspace 
Bitrate~Size: V2 (~318) | 113
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Les Fragments de la Nuit return with their new album! "Demain, c'était Hier" perpetuates their timeless musical quest, blending the radiance of the stars with the dark forces that lurk in the Night.
The French ensemble have kept faithful to their trademark style, in which pulsing piano chords set the pace for the string-work woven by the cellist and the three violinists, haunted by female choirs that surface on occasion. Yet, contrary to its predecessor, which mostly gathered pieces composed over the years, "Demain, c'était Hier" was devised as a complete opus, giving way to longer and more elaborate compositions.

1 Zenith 2:35
2 Cyclogenese 4:12
3 Teletemps 6:22
4 Cyrius B 4:33
5 Soupir 5:02
6 Allegra Aeternae 6:04
7 Marche Nocturne 4:38
8 Les Canons du Ciel 2:59
9 Demain C'Etait Hier 2:21
10 Lunistice 4:59
11 Des Restes Vivaces 3:05
12 Thaimiz Dih Enemy 3:11

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