Aug 20, 2013

Common Children - The Inbetween Time

Artist: Common Children
Album: The Inbetween Time
Genre: alternative rock, shoegaze, post-rock
Year: 2001
Label: Galazy 21 Music
Web: buy,, myspace 
Bitrate~Size: 256 | 118

Marc Byrd is a songwriter/producer/guitarist/vocalist who has fronted the alt/grunge/emo band Common Children, as well as Glassbyrd and Adore with his wife Christine Glass. Marc is currently a member of both The Choir and Hammock.
Marc co-wrote the popular worship song “God of Wonders” featured on the collaborative album which he co-produced, City on a Hill: Songs of Worship and Praise. [1] In addition, Marc has also co-produced other City on a Hill series projects (City on a Hill: Sing Alleluia and City on a Hill: The Gathering), as well as Our God of Wonders (a project by the producers of the City on a Hill series) and two albums by SONICFLOOd. He has worked with numerous artists, contributing guitar, vocals, and songwriting.
Byrd writes records as one-half of Hammock, a collaboration with long-time collaborator Andrew Thompson (also of Common Children).

Echoes, echoes of Hammock everywhere, just listen to 'Absence of Light'. Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson are pure genius. Recommended.

1 Absence of Light 4:02
2 Entertaining Angels 3:52
3 Last Display 5:58
4 So Mysterious 3:54
5 Celebrity Virtue 4:54
6 Morning Star 4:46
7 Always on the Outside 4:23
8 Free 4:06
9 How Many Times 5:47
10 Inbetween Time 5:54
11 Redemption 7:46
12 Crashing Down 9:06

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