Mar 20, 2013

Supreme Beings of Leisure - Supreme Beings of Leisure

Artist: Supreme Beings of Leisure
Album: Supreme Beings of Leisure
Genre: down-tempo, trip hop, lounge
Year: 2000
Label: Palm Pictures
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Bitrate~Size: vbr (~186) | 59

The self-titled debut album from Supreme Beings of Leisure fuses sounds from the group's diverse heritage -- which includes Japan, Puerto Rico, Ireland, India, Iran, and the Dominican Republic -- with deft programming and accessible songwriting. The result is a very smooth collection of trip-hop-based pop songs with global touches, not unlike a multi-culti Morcheeba album. Swooning strings and sitars weave their way through most of the album's 11 songs, including "Golddigger," which recalls '60s spy-movie themes, and "Never the Same" (heard on the TV commercial for the Johnnie Walker Black Label whiskey) and "Last Girl on Earth," which showcase Geri Soriano-Lightwood's versatile, seductive vocals. The breakbeat-driven "Ain't Got Nothin'" and "Sublime" pick up the pace with a nod to drum'n'bass, while "Strangelove Addiction"'s club-friendly rhythm and lilting, Eastern-inspired melody make it the most accessible track on the album. Though many of the styles on Supreme Beings of Leisure have been done before, the group does a good job of updating the basic trip-hop sound enough to keep it fresh and enjoyable. 
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1 Never the Same 4:03
2 Golddigger 4:11
3 Last Girl on Earth 4:15
4 Strangelove Addiction 5:04
5 Ain't Got Nothin' 3:31
6 Truth From Fiction 4:07
7 You're Always the Sun    3:56
8 Sublime 3:40
9 Nothin' Like Tomorrow    4:43
10 What's the Deal 3:48
11 Under the Gun 3:30

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