Mar 7, 2013

Juan Stewart - El Silencio De Las Cosas

Artist: Juan Stewart
Album: El Silencio De Las Cosas
Genre: indie electronic, post-rock, ambient
Year:  2005
Label: Estamos Felices
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Bitrate~Size: 192 | 71

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Juan Stewart played the bass and the keyboard in Jaime Sin Tierra, an Argentinean band from late 90’s. In 2002, with 3, Stewart takes his first steps toward his solo career as an ambient & electroacoustic composer. Three years later, publishes El silencio de las cosas (Estamos Felices, 2005) and, in 2007, the post-rock oriented Oui!” (Estamos Felices).
Juan Stewart is also known for his work as a producer and sound engineer.

I have a problem with music from... here... yeah here would do, this is not a country (music is no the main problem unfortunately), I don't like 99.999% of it, hell I even hate it. Period. And thats an issue, firstly because I like going to concerts.
Anyway, Juan Stewart is one of few exceptions.

1 El silencio de las cosas 9:09
2 Navidad 1:40
3 Angel 5:09
4 Fichin 3:28
5 Folavril 7:56
6 Angel 1:43
7 Rema 9:47
8 Diecinueve 2:57
9 Navidad (reprise) 1:52
10 Andrade 1:49
11 Faro 6:13

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