Jan 4, 2013

Grace Cathedral Park - In The Evening Of Regret

Artist: Grace Cathedral Park
Album: In The Evening Of Regret
Genre: post-rock, instrumental, slowcore
Year: 2004
Label: La Verdad Records
Web: buy, last.fm, myspace 

Bitrate~Size: vbr (~240) | 130

Ahh internet... I love the way I discover bands sometimes, I was listening to Palmless Prayer / Mass Murder Refrain and don´t know why went to RYM (well, every single day I visit the site) to read reviews of it.. voila, one picked up my attention and.. here I am making a post. For moments, again, for moments, reminds me of Low but with a post-rockish side. I recommend this one.

1 Play Delicate, Desire Quiet 4:42
2 It's All Well Above Wonder Anyway 15:27
3 Is It the Hurt You're Drowning In 7:34
4 Settling for the Broken in the Things Never Forgotten 17:09
5 Hey Pretty, Could You Stay Awhile 9:50
6 Latter Day Love Affairs and Everything Else You Would Hope to Forget 21:28


deanimo said...

won't download. excellent blog, though.

veror said...

link is up, just checked, try again and thanks.