Dec 13, 2012

The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo

Artist: The Phoenix Foundation
Album: Buffalo
Genre: indie pop/rock, dream pop, folk
Year: 2010
Label: Memphis Industries
Web: buy,, myspace
Bitrate~Size: V0 (~230) | 88

Kiwi band, I think this is their best album (they have three more). Look for a vid below. Recommended.
Thanks Blue_Girl for the recommendation.


1 Eventually 5:27
2 Buffalo 4:14
3 Flock of Hearts 3:17
4 Pot 3:24
5 Bitte Bitte 4:32
6 Skeleton 3:52
7 Orange & Mango 3:53
8 Bailey's Beach 4:05
9 Wonton 4:01
10 Golden Ship 6:13
11 Middle Dream (The Du Son EP Bonus Track) 4:29
12 D******ds Abound (The Du Son EP Bonus Track) 4:14


Anonymous said...

link is broken :(


veror said...

nope, link is up and working.

Anonymous said...

maybe i'm really stupid but everytime i click on 'continue' sends me to a mediafire link that reads
"Permission Denied. This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire."


veror said...

weird, I removed, try now

Anonymous said...

nope, i think mediafire is gettin scared just like others after the MU raid.

i just got it though, good stuff!, thanks anyway man, i wish you a nice winter and a greater new year...

...if apocalypse doesnt catch us first xD


veror said...

sorry man, no idea what's going on, could be what you're saying because it has just 2 downloads since I posted it, great you got it from somewhere else.
Thanks, have a great year as well (here summer, and I really really hate hot weather).

Anonymous said...

i hate hot weather as well i'd be more than happy living in Sweden xD

greets from near the US to... Down Under i guess :D

the Wicked Weasel