Jan 6, 2012

Le Dimanche - Colour of Shade

Artist: Le Dimanche
Album: Colour of Shade
Genre: downtempo, trip hop, cinematic, post-rock
Year: 2009
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Debutalbum of the Dutch band Le Dimanche. Le Dimanche creates cinematic music, with hints of postrock, jazz and triphop. From beautiful landscapes and dreamy nocturnes upto pitchblack moods with more heavy sounds. The band themselves cites The Cinematic Orchestra, Radiohead, Jaga Jazzist, Oceansize and Massive Attack as important influences. On Colour of Shade Le Dimanche takes you on a trip into a wide array of cinematic scenes and emotions. The album was recorded, mixed and produced by the band itself. Remarkable is the role of guitarist and vocalist Marjolein Kooijman, also known as the bassplayer of The Gathering.

Fantastic stuff, recommended.

1 Bright Sky 5:01
2 The Calm 5:58

3 Blood Red Chevy 5:26

4 Two Minutes East of Everything Else 8:13

5 Panorama 6:01

6 Reminise 4:47
7 Xiao Mei 4:59

8 Le Quartier Latin 7:43


rjetyk said...

I'm trying to download this album, but the usual password doesn't seem to work. Could you fix it, please?

Thanks in advance. I really enjoy the music you post.

veror said...

thanks for letting me know, fixed, try now, should be work now.

rjetyk said...

Now it's perfect! Thanks so much :)